Prayer is Advanced Level of Reality Creating

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Prayer is Advanced Level of Reality Creating

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The world around us is created by spirit, and the creative power of spirit is intent. When we focus our intent, we are using our spiritual power of creation. Intention is a form of prayer where we communicate our thought to the universal aspect of God or higher consciousness to be brought into manifestation through synchronistic processes. Pure intention alone is very powerful in causing things to happen, but there is another form of intention that is even more powerful. It is communication with the Personal God.

Original Consciousness differentiated into two aspects of itself which are the universal and the personal. The universal aspect of God or Original Consciousness is partially its own natural flow of the universe, and partially a flow that can be directed by its personal aspect at will. The personal aspect of God is the LORD who has the highest governance over all creation. But every other personality or individual spirit is also a universal aspect of God that can direct the flow of universal power.

When we pray to the universal aspect of God or higher consciousness by using pure intention alone, we are actually using our will which is the ruling faculty of our spirit, to direct the universal flow of energy to take whatever form we want. We are in essence god-creators of our reality. Since we are expressions of Original Consciousness and are created in the image of The Creator, we possess the same likeness of creative power and reality transformation ability. We can shape the universe with our intent.

Using intent alone is very powerful, but when we enlist the aid of the highest personal aspect of Original Consciousness, we tap into a power that is greater than our own. In the physical world, we can do more work with physical helpers than with our own body alone. In the spiritual realm likewise, we can accomplish more with spiritual help than pure mind power alone. As above so below, as below so above. That is why the advanced levels of reality creating progress into requesting the help of spiritual beings.

There are various teachings on how to enlist the help of angels, spirit guides or any other metaphysical beings. But none of them compares with requesting the help of the Most High Personal aspect of higher consciousness. In fact, seeking the help of the Most High God is the most divine way of spiritual manifestation. To turn to other spirit beings instead of the LORD is a lesser way of spiritual expression. The LORD is above allĀ  other beings.

The reason why some spirit beings may seek to teach you how to make contact and request help from them, is because they want you to turn to them as your spiritual source and supply instead of the LORD. Such beings are the Fallen Ones who have denied the sovereignty and lordship of the Most High God. The true spirit beings will always turn you towards the Most High God as the one you should communicate directly with for spiritual help and divine intervention. They’re true angels.

Prayer in the form of communication with a spirit being is an expression of your will for that being to act. It is giving permission to another freewill entity to intervene in your reality. According to the Law of freewill, every freewill entity has its own independence of reality creation without interference from other freewill entities unless it has given permission for those entities to do so. This is the metaphysical structure of the universe that the Most High God has established and governs with his own sovereign power.

Because of the Law of freewill, spirit guides and angelic entities can only make contact with you if you first make contact with them. They can influence your reality using indirect means that do not deny freewill, but they cannot directly manifest to you unless you give them permission to do so. This same principle works with the Most High God as well. He will not move in your personal reality, unless you express your will for him to do so through prayer. It is the way to request for personal divine intervention.

The essence of any relationship is in the communication. When there is no communication, the relationship is practically dead or nonexistent. Prayer is also having a personal relationship with God. You can’t do that with intention alone because intention is impersonal. When you intend, you are communicating with the universal aspect of God which isn’t a person but a process. When you pray, you are communicating with the personal aspect of God which is the Personal Expression of The Source of All.

When you pray, the greatest thing you can ask for is grace or unconditional favor. The grace of God is given to you because The Son of God has sacrificed his life to take away your sin or unholy karma and give you his righteousness or divine karma. Righteousness is the Gift of God that is received by faith in his redemptive work and not by your own good works. Developing your reality creating skills along with using the power of the Divine One is the way to complete power over the universe. When you combine intention with prayer, you can create reality in the most powerful way because of divine assistance from the Highest Spirit Being.

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