Using Thought Projection and Intuition for Life

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Using Thought Projection and Intuition for Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There is a difference between ordinary thought and creative thought. Creative thought is charged to the full with magnetic life energy while ordinary thought only has a very limited amount of life energy. Only creative thought attracts to us all things we may desire. The measure that you mete out shall be the measure that is mete to you again. An ordinary thought is only transformed into a creative thought through the act of concentrated focus and generating emotion and positive affirmations towards the thought.

Breathe in and at the peak of your inhalation, hold the concentrated thought of your intent in your mind. Then breathe out and let go of the thought from your mind. In a moment of strong desires or passion the whole process, including concentration, is done automatically, which accounts for the heavy breathing during such times. That is why thoughts sent in those moments carry with them such constructive or destructive powers. Breath is the action of the soul. Psychokinesis is all about soul movement.

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