Realize that Good is Often the Enemy of Best

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Realize that Good is Often the Enemy of Best

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Good is often the enemy of best. Too often in life we miss the best by settling for the good. Wisdom is not only the ability to know the good choices from the bad ones, but also to know the best choice from the good ones. In order to be the best, do the best and have the best, we must focus on the best to the exclusion of anything less. When we take on several good choices, we have less energy and focus to put into the best one. It’s best to go for what’s best and not just what’s good or even very good.

The best state of existence is the enlightened state. When we are enlightened, we have the greatest freedom, highest happiness and serenity of being. But there are quite a number of ways to achieving the enlightened state. All these ways may be good but they are not all equally good. One of these ways of enlightenment is the way of becoming desireless by cutting away all desires. It is a way to be free from all desire. But this is one of the worst ways to achieve the enlightened state as it is not correct.

Your heart’s desires are not to be cut away, because they are given to you by Spirit. Your heart’s desire is the inner direction by which you are guided to live out your life’s purpose in the universe. You are meant to have desire and to have them fulfilled because it is the way of the universe. Suffering is what we may feel when our desires are not fulfilled. But the way to be rid of suffering is not to remove desire. The way to end suffering is by coming to the awareness of the goodness and ways of the divine work.

When a heart desire is not manifested, it just means it’s not the right time yet and God has the best in store for you in perfect timing. God keeps you from the rest, so that you can have the best. So therefore when you think you are being kept from your desires, just remember that the universe is arranging something that will be much more fulfilling to you. The thing that fulfills us the most is love. One of the best ways by which we experience love is through relationship and marriage with our dream soul mate.

The soul mate you desire may have yet to show up in your life, or perhaps you’re wondering why that special person is being kept from you. Such a situation may cause us to feel suffering that we may never get what we most want. The truth is God wants us to have what we most desire as he created us for it.  For now, you have to put yourself in a state of rest and keep on becoming the best that you can be. God is working in you as well as in your future partner. In time, all will be well and most fulfilling.

Good is considered bad when compared to better. What’s good for us becomes bad for us when compared to what’s better for us. Failure may be bad, but success is even worse because success in the wrong area may lock us in forever. You may fail at many different endeavors but that is all good when you finally succeed at your true calling, because it is the path where you will have the best of everything you truly desire. If you want to experience the best in all areas of life, you have to do it God’s way.

There are better ways of looking at things. There are better ways of thinking and doing things. The better way of looking at things is to always reframe things in a way that is empowering to you. For every success that you see, there is always someone who has achieved more of it in a shorter time and in an easier way. Always choose the better way of things. If you want the best, go straight for the highest level, the core and the essence. When you do that, your mind, beingness and actions will be the best.

There are different levels of wisdom. A lower level of wisdom is as foolishness compared to a higher level of wisdom. Complete truth is the integration of all truth. When you experience conflict of reason, intelligence and wisdom, realize that there are better ways of seeing things. Conflicting truths can exist in harmony when they are viewed as existing on different levels. An enlightened consciousness is inclusive and not exclusive. The more enlightened one is, the more truth about reality they’re able to perceive.

There are different levels of good. A lower level of good is as evil compared to a higher level of good. A being that is of a higher order of good can call a being of a lower order of good as evil. Therefore the good of Satan is as evil compared to the good of God. Good is the enemy of best just like Satan is the enemy of God. Realize that everything is working together for your highest good when you love God and act according to your highest purpose. You can have the highest happiness when you know it.

There are different levels of light. A lower level of light is as darkness compared to a higher level of light. That is why Satan’s light is as darkness compared to God’s light. You perceive according to the frequency of sight that you have. When you perceive from a higher frequency of sight, what used to be bright becomes dim. Of course all perception is subjective, and the mind can make up what’s bright or dim for itself. Therefore what is seen as light or darkness is ultimately a matter of conscious decision.

The divine hierarchy organizes all levels of wisdom, good and light according to the perspective of the Most High Divinity. The divine hierarchy originates from Original Consciousness and is established by the Trinity of God. Only those who worship the Lord may access the highest level of wisdom, good and light. To fall short of the highest standards is to sin. Anything less than God’s best is evil. The best is all you need because the rest is nothing. Think like the best and you will be just like the best.

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