Using Mental Influence to Attract Another Person

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Using Mental Influence to Attract Another Person

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your goals and desires will manifest faster by psychokinetic manipulation of the environment and by the direct mental influence over other people. Control over other people by direct mental manipulation is vastly easier than control over your environment by psychokinetic means. That is because mind is of a higher state of vibration than gross matter, which makes it easier to move. One of the easier things you can do with the powers of your mind is to psychically influence others to create attraction.

Most people want an emotional attachment to another special person, which means that their mind is already receptive to mental influence in this area, because deep down inside this is what they want. Manifesting ideas and material things can take quite a length of time but manifesting sexual attraction can be almost instantaneous because it involves deeply desired preconditioned emotions of love. Equipped with knowledge of human nature, you can be more confident in this kind of manifesting work.

When you proceed to do psychic attraction, it’s not necessary to visualize the person you want to influence in precise clear detail. It’s only necessary to be able to picture or imagine their overall gestalt. A gestalt is a generalized overall picture. One of the most important aspects of remote influencing is the feel of touch. When you are stroking this imagined person sense the warmth from their body and the feel of their skin. Even better is to feel the pleasurable reaction from their body as you touch them.

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