Offer No Resistance to What you Do Not want

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Offer No Resistance to What you Do Not want

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the process of manifesting what you want, you also have to offer no resistance to what you do not want. What you resist persist. It’s because you are sending out a contradictory vibration along with your desired intent. When you resist what you do not want, you are not allowing what you want to come to you. To receive your desire, you must send out a single minded intent that vibrates only with your desire. A double minded state creates a duality that prevents you from being fully present in a place.

In a system of One, there is only inclusion and no exclusion. You try to exclude something when you resist it. When you offer a vibration of resistance towards something, you are actually vibrating it into your reality. By trying to exclude something, you actually end up including it. So to be in complete vibrational alignment with your desire, you have to concentrate only on inclusion and not exclusion. Think about what you desire and give no thought to what you do not desire. Hold intention without resistance.

It makes you feel a lot more carefree when you intend for what you want without resisting what you don’t want. That is because, you are able to feel happy about results no matter how small or big when it comes to getting what you want, and yet not be affected when you do not get what you want. The creation process becomes a joy to play with rather than a stress towards getting results. Being able to feel carefree no matter what happens is important because it gives you positive energy to do anything.

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