Mentally Uniting with Your Desire by Giving Thanks for It

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Mentally Uniting with Your Desire by Giving Thanks for It

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You do not receive the things you desire. You receive the things with which you mentally unite yourself with. Your desire pulls the thing to you but you must put yourself in a state of vibrational harmony to fit it into your reality. You mentally unite yourself with the thing you want by feeling it as yours and giving thanks for it. Gratitude is the key to uniting with what you desire. You can only be grateful when you feel in possession of something desirable. That’s why you have to rejoice and give thanks before having.

When you give thanks for something you want, you acknowledge possession of it before it is actually manifested visibly. What you desire has already been created in the invisible realms. You have to mentally unite with it in order to bring it into the physical realm. To unite is to become one with. When you mentally unite with a desire thing, you cause both inner and outer worlds to become one and thus the image will become materialized in the actual. Gratitude clears the illusion of separation and manifests.

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