Three Main Criteria for Harmony in Relationship

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Three Main Criteria for Harmony in Relationship

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Many people are looking for the right partner to be with them in a relationship. Yet they encounter a lot of things in the experience that seems to make them confused about why some things are working and other things are not. This is very simple problem which has a very simple answer. There are pieces of the puzzle and when the necessary pieces are in place, the picture would be complete. There are ways to reconcile the different pieces that show up in the experience and to make sense of them.

There are three main criteria for another person to be a correct fit you. The three things are: Attraction, Synchronicity and Conscious Resonance. All three are extremely important and not one of them must be missing. Each criteria is not just good to have, it is a MUST have. Without one piece, things will never properly work out. You want to experience the best relationship you could ever have for your soul’s development and expression. When all three are in alignment, that is when the magic happens.

The first criterion is attraction. You must be physically attracted to the person, and that is the first and most basic level. No attraction, end of story, no further discussion. Don’t even bother about the other qualities. You are looking for someone you feel attraction for, not a friend. You are looking for a lover. Attraction includes emotional and also sexual attraction. Go for someone you can actually have feelings for. They must be someone that you want, and you actually desire strongly enough to be with them.

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