Hidden Communication - Form and Essence

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Hidden Communication - Form and Essence

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Below is a segment of a conversation between Curt Baggett and Bart Baggett, co-founders of Handwriting University on their seminar on love, sex and relationships.

Curt Baggett: Bart comes to me years ago and he says, “I don’t understand,” (his brother’s name is Brett), “Brett has physical aggressiveness in his handwriting, but he’s the most non-violent person I know – what does that mean?”

I said, “Have you ever talked to him? He gets right up in your face, he invades your space. His physical aggressiveness manifests itself in getting in your face and your space.”

You see, he’s not physically aggressive, he’s not going to hit you, but he’ll take your space and dominate the conversation.

Bart Baggett: The older President Bush of ten years ago had aggressive strokes in his writing. One would think the younger one might have it too. But, you wouldn’t think by talking to the older George Bush, or seeing him, that he’s an aggressive man. He’s very sweet and kind. But, you know what? He didn’t hesitate to invade, you know, it means assertive people.

When I read that, I thought to myself, that’s so true indeed. Such things are present all over reality but we are usually not aware of what’s going on. This is what hidden communication is about. Things that are existent but we’re not conscious about their underlying meanings.

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