Watching Reality Shift Before Your Eyes

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Watching Reality Shift Before Your Eyes

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Have you been amazed how many times situations change before you from time to time? Reality shifts from one moment to the next. It is not rigid but fluid.
Whenever you find yourself in a situation that isn’t desirable to you, always remember that reality is in constant flux. Whatever that is happening at the moment in your experience is only temporal. What is true now doesn’t have to be true later.
Have you seen the way children are? They spontaneously move from one moment to the next. They may be in a situation that makes them feel unhappy one moment but when the next situation comes along where it makes them feel happy, they just enter into it afresh without being held back by the previous situation.
This is the power of being present and living in the now. It helps you to make every situation your first situation. It enables you to use all your mental resources fully and freely in the situation that you are currently in.
Being conscious of how you make associations across situations empowers you to choose those associations in ways that are constructive for you. You can consciously decide when to link situations together and when to keep them separate instead of doing them unconsciously all the time even in ways that are not be helpful.

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