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Black Holes are Portals from one Plane to Another

Posted by Enoch Tan         Print This Post Print This Post

We have been questioning about where a black hole in our universe lead to. But have we ever considered that we and our entire physical universe is actually a black hole itself? A black hole that is from another universe?
A black hole is a singularity. Our physical universe is one continuous flow of energy. So it is a singularity.
If our physical universe is a black hole from another universe, then that universe must be infinitely larger than ours. Probably even beyond the dimensions of time and space itself. The answer is that, the physical universe is a black hole from the astral plane.
If our universe is a black hole from the astral plane, then where does a black hole in our universe lead to?
When something enters a black hole in our universe, it becomes so compressed until it is beyond the dimensions of time and space. It disappears out of physical reality and enters a different plane of reality. A black hole in the physical universe is a portal to the astral plane.
You can say that a black hole opening up on the other side of a plane of reality is a white hole. The connection between the two planes would be called a wormhole.
All theories of the stable existence of a wormhole have fallen apart except for one. It is the stable existence of the wormhole as the result of matter on one side and exotic matter on the other side.
Any matter that enters a black hole in our universe including light will not be able to exit out into the other side or out the same side. The theory for matter to escape is that it must become negative in mass, or exotic matter. The theory of negative mass is like anti gravity matter. In this state, it can exit the black hole.
The truth is, exotic matter is not matter with negative mass. There is no such thing as negative mass. Everything has mass, being negative in value compared to another is simply a relative term. Exotic matter is simply matter that is less dense than light. It is matter that has changed in rate of vibration to the point it becomes finer than beam. In this case, exotic matter would be etheric matter. Anything that is less dense than light would be repelled by normal gravity from physical matter but attracted by etheric gravity from etheric matter.

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