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Realize The Truth of Your Being to Have Power

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When you have embodied the Spiritual Self to the point at which your subjective mind accepts it, when you have convinced yourself that It is YOU, you can then speak with authority because It is the God Self speaking through you. You are an individuated aspect of the Universal Self. There is only One Being and that is God. You are not a separate being from God. Unity is God’s only Law. You may have a different personality or individuality from the Supreme Personality, but you’re of the same substance.

When you realize your unity, you have dominion. All power comes from God. No being has a power that is separate from God. Every being whether good or evil are using the power that comes from God. All life on Earth draw their energy from the Sun. All spirit beings draw their existence from the Source. Whether one is good or evil, one will have power to exert when one plugs into the Source of Power. The dominion comes by being conscious of your oneness with Source and directing its power to create.

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