Having a Powerful Attitude about Your Abilities

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Having a Powerful Attitude about Your Abilities

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

What is your mental attitude in regard to your own ability? Do you see yourself as a person of self worth? Do you put high value on your attainments and capabilities? You must, if you are to succeed in life. The Bible calls man a worm, but that idea is to exalt the concept of God by comparison, rather than to degrade the concept of man. When rightly understood, all the teachings of the Bible exalt the true value and inherent greatness of man. The true value of man is the God within each and all individuals.

Man alone is nothing, but Man and God are one. The very heart of Christ teachings is that man is a god. All institutions are of real worth only as they minister towards the unfoldment of man. Man is God expressed in this realm of existence. God’s unfoldment is expressed is the spiritual and mental evolution of mankind. You are not a worm, you are a god. You may not be manifesting much god-power yet, but you are going to. You have it within you, and you only need to discover and develop them to fullness.

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