How Our Energy Influences Each Other In Life

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How Our Energy Influences Each Other In Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Did you know that we curse or bless people all of the time without realizing it? It’s true. Whenever we think of someone we establish subconscious mind connections with them through which energy and information passes. When we focus our mind on others, they are being “blessed” with extra energy. If we are lower in energy than they, energy will flow from them to us instead. Here, they are being cursed and we are being blessed. If you circle the energy out, then it will eliminate the loss of chi both ways.

Ordinarily, the energy exchanged is briefly given or taken, however, if we think about a person frequently, or worse, if we mentally fixate on a person, then this could mean that there may be a flow of energy in one direction or another almost constantly. Are we losing energy to another person or are we taking too much of their energy? You can think of others from time to time but too much of a fixation would cause an imbalance. Either you feel like you are on the losing end or they feel you are draining them.

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