Recreating Reality through Collective Dreaming

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Recreating Reality through Collective Dreaming

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

All things exist in the now point within consciousness. The now point can influence the past within consciousness. When living beings change the present by changing the past within consciousness, it is not as though there was a different past and a different present. They dreamed the world so it always was the way it is now. There never was a different world. They changed the universe from the beginning of all things, until the end of time. This is the influence of recreating reality through collective dreaming.

We can change the world. We can dream it anew. This has been spoken to one, and to many. And wherever it has gone, the message is the same, dream it. You change the world by changing your world. Without vision, the people perish. The first step to creating a better world for yourself is to have a dream. Hold the vision and allow time to rearrange the probable past and the probable present so that the probable future that you wish to experience can fall into place. This is the magic of life synchronicities.

God and Satan are fighting Time Wars. As you know, spiritual beings exist beyond our linear time and space. They can access and influence our probable past, present and future from the now point within consciousness. Higher dimensional beings can transverse time just like we can transverse space. Time Wars are very real events just like space wars, except that the fight is for control of temporal territory rather than terrestrial ones. The fight is to secure control more and more timelines from each other.

Simultaneous time exist in the 4th and 5th dimensions. Satan is able to tap into the universal mind or Akashic field to see into the probable future. This is how all psychic, remote viewing and precognition works. In viewing the future, what you see is not a deterministic event but a relative one. The future is not made up of one event, but of many. There are several different versions of the future and you can choose which one manifests by controlling probabilities in the present. Satan views future to change it.

Satan knows that God will send a Chosen One to earth to be the light of the world. He then sets up mythic figures and fake gods way in advance before Christ shows up as the True Son of God. This mythic figures and fake gods are there to throw people off track from the true messiah of God. Satan’s greatest weapons of war are deception and confusion. With these two weapons working together in a formidable combination, many people are blinded from the gospel, lest the light of God shine on their hearts.

That is one way Satan fights the Time War. The other way is that he alters the probable past by influencing collective consciousness memory of past events. He makes it seem as though Horus and the other god figures had similar life histories before the birth of Christ. This god figures seem to have been called the light of the world, were killed, buried and resurrected three days later. Either these god figures were placed ahead of time, or were placed back in time within consciousness by Satan’s influence.

Try as hard as he might, Satan may have been able to twist and turn probable events through time, but the one thing he has never been able to remove is the Work of Christ and the Word of God. The Work of Christ establishes salvation for mankind through Jesus Christ and proof of God’s love for his creatures, and sealed Satan’s fate once and for all eternity. The Word of God establishes the core of God’s doing throughout all reality. Satan can twist and turn reality surrounding the core but not the core.

The Word of God says “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” God himself has declared through his Word that his Word is an absolute and not a relative component of reality that Satan can change. Therefore Satan can only work with the Word by changing collective perception of its meaning instead of fighting it head on through removal or change.

You move the universe with your mind just like you move your body with your mind. The universe is actually an extension of your physical body. Your every thought sends out psychic impulses that move space-time events and rearrange probable past, present and future timelines. The important thing to learn is conscious control of your universe through the act of deliberate creation. Otherwise you will attribute events that happen as luck, pure chance or randomness. Be conscious of your mental motions.

There are two levels of reality with two types of time. Level 1 contains linear time while level 2 contains simultaneous time. All of level 1 is contained and controlled by level 2. In level 1 there are odds to getting what you want such as a dream job. You have to be in the right place, at the right time, meeting the right person, and doing the right thing. The odds do not exist in level 2. In level 2 everything needed to get the dream job is inserted into its proper place within simultaneous time and unfolds in linear time.

You create all of reality from the present moment. Right now feel that you are prosperous and abundant and everything else that is good. You will shed peace on your past and assurance on your future. This peace is Shalom or wholeness. All mistakes become no mistakes, and all things work for good. Everything is made right in your entire timeline for you to experience success as your outcome. Faith is righteousness. It is the only thing that secures your future with a probable outcome that is truly positive.

Stop buying into the illusion of time. It does not matter what you did, it does not matter what happened. You are choosing probable realities now. You are choosing how it all connects now. You are choosing where it is all leading to now. The present is your point of power. Where you are vibrating now is all that matters.

Events in time are not placed one after another but are placed side by side in simultaneous time. It means our perception in the present moment can choose which probable past connects with our present. We can choose how it all “came to be” and how it all ultimately becomes. There are multiple probable past, present and future in simultaneous time, and our physical reality is a point where multiple realities are merged.

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