Antimatter is Etheric Double of Physical Matter

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Antimatter is Etheric Double of Physical Matter

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The entire universe is made up of matter in different states. The quantum building blocks of matter are atoms and subatomic particles. Every subatomic particle has a positive or negative charge.
For every particle with a positive or negative charge, there must be an equivalent particle of a negative mass or with an opposite charge to balance its existence. We would not be able to distinguish between a negative mass and a negative charge, either would produce an acceleration opposite to the electric field. So that means for every particle there must be an antiparticle and all matter has antimatter as its opposite counterpart.
If that is the case, then where is all the antimatter in the universe? They seem to be missing. The idea is that antimatter and matter cannot coexist because if they did, they would destroy each other immediately upon contact and disappear.
So how can matter exist without antimatter? It is a great mystery that the physical universe seems to exist in an unbalanced state of existence. There may not be an imbalance. The antimatter may be present within the matter as a quantum superposition, we just do not “observe” it until we look for it. The solution to the mystery can only be found in understanding that there are two planes of reality coexisting in the same spacetime but out of phase with each other.
Everything in physical reality exist in two states, the physical state and the etheric state. Physical matter and its etheric double coexist in the same spacetime but out of phase with each other on two different planes of reality. Antimatter is the etheric double of physical matter.

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