Desire and Will Attracts What We Want to Us

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Desire and Will Attracts What We Want to Us

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In chemistry, when chemical elements come in contact with each other, they perceive the differences in the quality of each other, and actually experience pleasure or revulsion. They then move in a specific manner in response to this contact. Therefore there must be something in the atoms that enable them to desire contact with other atoms while repelling from others. The Law of Desire is constant through nature, from atom to man. It operates equally on the physical, mental and spiritual reality planes.

The Law of Attraction is an important part in the Secret of Success. Just as it brings together the atoms and other particles of matter, it also brings to us the things, the people and circumstances in accordance with our earnest desire, demand and will. Make yourself an atom of living desire and you will attract to yourself the person, things and circumstances that fit into the accomplishment of your desire. Those things perceive the quality that you are and will only be drawn to you according to the desire law.

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