Surrender to Divine Order for Effortless Creating

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Surrender to Divine Order for Effortless Creating

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Look at how the universe operates. Day and night follow each other in perfect synchronicity. The birds soar through the sky easily and migrate to the right places without ever getting lost. The seasons take turns to change without ever making a mistake. Every planet is always rotating in perfect order and never deviating from its course. You can go on forever contemplating the wonders of nature. There is definitely a force that orchestrates and holds it all together.

If there is such a force which orchestrate everything in perfect order allowing the nature of things to grow and evolve easily and effortlessly, why can’t your life be guided the same way? Why do so many people seem to struggle, and why does there appears to be so much chaos in the world? It is because of our fear of letting go of control.

Since the Universe operates in total perfection, never deviating from its laws, continually expressing its bountiful beauty, always orchestrating everything in perfect order without our help, then it makes sense that if we allow that same force to guide our lives we could also experience all of that beauty, abundance, and total perfection. And since the universe communicates with us through our heart’s desires, then it is basically like being inspired all the time.

Wouldn’t you like to feel inspired at every moment of your existence? If that is the case, all you need to do is to stop asking for what you want and allow yourself the opportunity to be guided because that which makes your heart sings is what God wants for you to do. So listen to your heart because there is your answer.

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