Having Empowering Beliefs to Rule Your World

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Having Empowering Beliefs to Rule Your World

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Empowering believes give you power to rule your world. If you want to be a powerful creator of your reality, you must consciously choose to believe in that which empowers you. Your beliefs define your being in this world. When you place yourself in a position of power, you can own in every situation. Disempowering beliefs rob you of power. It doesn’t matter how things appear to be in your life. To be powerful is the most important thing of all. Reality can only get better for you when you think and act with power.

The more powerful your beliefs are, the more powerful you will be. Seek to take your beliefs to the next level continually. For each belief that you have, ask yourself if there is a more powerful one that you can have. The most powerful people have the most empowering kind of beliefs. They exist in a world beyond boundaries, beyond limitation, a world where anything is possible for them. The more empowered you are compared to others, the more you are able to achieve what others can’t, and the freer you’d be.

Empowering beliefs consist of positive denial and positive affirmation. Positively deny limiting ideas and positively affirm their opposite. The power of denial is the shield of psychic defense. For everything that you do not wish to experience, positively deny that as your reality. Then positively affirm what you wish to experience as your reality. The more you defy consensus reality, the more you escape from the collective beliefs that bind most people. There are certain beliefs that can make you greatly powerful.

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