NLP - Systematic Model for Creating Change

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NLP - Systematic Model for Creating Change

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Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of how the mind (neuro) is influenced by language (linguistics, both verbal and non verbal) and how to organize (programming) it to function in a certain way. NLP is the science of running consciousness as a program.

In NLP, the term State is the combination of a person’s internal representations and physiology.

The internal representations are what’s going on in his/her mind which are the thoughts (imagery, conversations, sensations), the positive or negative associations involved, the will and the intent.

The physiology is his/her physical dynamics such as posture, composure, bodily movement, balance and biological conditions such as heartrate, breathing, facial expression, muscle tension and so on.

NLP teaches you that you can control consciousness by adjusting your mental submodalites such as brightness of picture, loudness of sound, intensity of feeling in your imagination or memory.

NLP also teaches that mind and body are of the same cybernetic loop. You cannot change one without affecting the other. Which means by changing your mental states, you will affect your physiology and by changing your physiology you will affect your mental states.

Memory and imagination are the things that bring a person to the past, the future as well as any other places or realities and allow him/her to experience all those things in the very present moment and place that he/she is in. They have the very power to change our states.

The perception we have about a situation is the way we frame it. When we reframe the situation, we change our perception and the meaning of it.

Positive reinforcement of neuro-associations to desired behavior perpetuates it while negative reinforcement changes behavior. Conflicting neuro-associations is the source of self sabotage.

NLP approaches the study of the mind and reality in terms of models. Basically every perspective and framework of looking at things is a model. The model is the structure by which all the concepts, meanings, information are put together in well-connected and orderly fashion. It creates the workability to understand and manipulate all things within its framework of rules and systems.

Every person sees the world in his/her own unique way. Reality exists both in the world as well as in our perception of it. The world is the territory, our perception of it is the map. The map is not the territory. My map is not your map. Our maps can be similar in many ways but yet very different in some ways.

We each have our own individual model of reality. By refining our model, we refine our understanding.

The two invisible forces that govern all we do are our State and Model of the world or World view. Our state governs our actions and behavior in the moment while our model of the world governs our long term life choices and experiences. Our model of the world also affects our states.

The truth about States in NLP is really all about being in or out of alignment with your Higher Self. When you are in alignment, you experience all your desired states such as happiness, confidence, freedom, joy, peace, fulfillment, empowerment. When you are not in alignment, you experience all your undesired states such as worry, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, weakness, frustration, depression and disempowerment. So in essence, there are only two states, a state of alignment and a state of misalignment.

NLP, as a model of human functioning, takes a very different attitude from some of the old psychologies. In NLP, we do not start from the assumption (and what an assumption it is!) that people are broken. No. Instead, we assume the opposite– that people work perfectly well, that they have all the resources that they need, and that the only problem isn’t with them, but with their programming.

NLP is the foundational framework for understanding all psychology.
It forms a frame of reference for the switching, manipulation and containment of all other frames of reference.
It is the frame of reference for working with all other frames of reference.
Working from a foundation of NLP allows you to alter and refine your states until they are most suitable in creating the results you desire.

NLP isn’t concerned with the content of experience but with its structure. Once we know the structure of experience, we can recreate the magic.

In modeling, we model the process not the end result.

The highest levels of NLP are the Spiritual level, Reality level and Identity level.

Spirit is consciousness. What you are conscious of defines your reality which in turn influences your sense of self.

The self-image is the foundational level where everything else is determined upon.

The subconscious works hard to maintain and protect the self image. It uses it as the blueprint of what to be. So if someone sees themselves as being successful and happy, they will subconsciously be directed and compelled towards actions that will lead to this. Anything else would lead to subconscious discomfort, which you don’t want.

If you don’t think you really deserve love, success, or abundance… you usually don’t take the necessary risks to create it. And, if it falls in your lap, you often sabotage it because reality doesn’t match your internal self-image.

So bringing to awareness your beliefs about yourself is all important in order to change what isn’t empowering, so that every level of your life will be transformed positively at will.

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