Using Psychic Influence to Direct and Protect

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Using Psychic Influence to Direct and Protect

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We are all constantly experiencing the psychic influence of others as well as influencing others with our own psychic vibrations. Psychic influence happens all the time whether consciously or unconsciously. When we gain awareness of the workings of psychic influence, we will be able to engage it consciously instead of being unconsciously affected by it. Psychic influence has both offensive and defensive skills that we can use in this mental world we live in.

The mind is like a battery. It has a negative and positive polarity. The negative polarity is receptive to the flow of energy while the positive polarity is projective of energy. In the realm of psychic influence, when someone is receptive to the flow of energy, that person is negative. When someone is projective of energy, that person is positive. The positive is always stronger than the negative because the positive influences the negative.

People who are projective of energy have different levels of positivity. The one who is more positive is stronger in his influence over the one who is less positive. When two people of strong psychic influence meet, it is always the one who is more positive that wins. All psychic warfare is fight of will. The one who is able to exert his will more strongly will cause the will of the other to bend to his influence. It is not mere words but the force of will behind them that has power.

What is it that makes us accept and adopt the advice of one person while rejecting precisely the same advice from another person? It is force of will behind the advice. The power to command others lies in the force of will. The struggle of will is the struggle of psychic power. The person who forces his advice upon us has no more power to enforce it than others, but we do as requested because it is the nature of consciousness to submit to a stronger one.

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