Letting go of Fear and Judgment to Have Freedom

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Letting go of Fear and Judgment to Have Freedom

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You continually create what you fear. What you resist, persists. Fear is resistance. Stop fearing and you stop resisting. Many people choose to run away from what they fear instead of facing it head on. That is why they do not make much progress in life, and always seem to experience the same problems over and over again. The secret of overcoming many of your problems in life and experiencing rapid growth is to face your fears and let them go. Fearlessness is all about facing what you fear with power.

The character Job in the Bible said that the thing he greatly feared has come upon him, and that which he was afraid of has come upon him. Satan had no power to inflict evil upon Job except through the law of attraction by his fears. Fear creates a line of spiritual resonance that evil forces can enter and manipulate your reality therewith. Job also feared that his sons had been unrighteous and feared evil might come upon them when it was unnecessarily so. Learning how to handle fear makes us invincible.

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