Gaining Clarity and Creating Space to Manifest

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Gaining Clarity and Creating Space to Manifest

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the process of manifestation, you need to focus on what you desire instead of its opposite. When you find it hard not to think about what you fear, there is a fastest way to resolve it so that you can be free. Pretend that the future you fear has already happened and adjust its space-time dynamics. This allows you to stop resisting what is to come and flow to it freely, which changes your vibration to one of allowing instead of resisting. To allow is to be free and at rest. To resist is to struggle and be stressed.

Let yourself feel fully about the undesired scenario. Accept whatever you feel fully and let it flow. Flow is release which is the opposite of blocking. Instead of trying to fix what you feel, just let go and watch. You are not here to fix the emotion but to observe it. This is the release technique which allows abundance to manifest in your life. Many people do not allow themselves the freedom to feel fully about undesired scenarios whether imagined or real. They are resisting emotion which blocks flow of energy.

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