Actively Defend Your Beliefs Against Conflict

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Actively Defend Your Beliefs Against Conflict

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You must defend your beliefs actively. You cannot expect the beliefs you have to remain, unless you actively defend them against other erroneous or conflicting beliefs. It is a fallacy to think that the truth does not need defending. Although the truth stands on its own, reality does not exist apart from an observer. Therefore being an observer, you need to defend what you believe to be true. It’s your beliefs that need defending, and any truth known to you is grasped in the form of a belief which must be defended.

Although something is true, if you do not believe it in, it may not enter your experience. Therefore truth will not be of effect for you when you deny it. It is a divine truth that you are prosperous, well and free. When you do not believe in the truth, you would experience lack, limitation and distress. What you experience is not real but an illusion. It is a lie because it is not in accordance with divine truth. You create your reality with your beliefs. Therefore if you wish to guard your reality, you must guard your beliefs.

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