There is no Good and Evil except in Perception

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There is no Good and Evil except in Perception

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Good and evil does not exist. At a fundamental level, there is really no good and evil in the universe. Everything just is. It is perception that frames reality. Good and evil is based on perception. Therefore the perception of good and evil depends on the one perceiving it. If you perceive something as good, then to you it is good. If you perceive something as evil, then to you it is evil. We can choose our own frame of reality or we can choose to follow the frame set by another in his perception of good and evil.

Good and evil is a judgment. To consider something better than or worse than is a judgment. Evil is something of inferior quality compared to something better, therefore a lesser good is considered evil when compared with a greater good. When there is no judgment, there is no consideration of something being better or worse than another. Everything is accepted equally as it is. Judgment creates separation of one thing with another whereas non judgment sees the oneness and equality of all things.

When you see from a place of non judgment, one thing is not considered to be better or worse than another, but it is just different. Therefore all things can be experienced for the uniqueness and variety that they provide. In order to define what is, we have to know what it is not. Therefore light and darkness define each other while good and evil define each other. We cannot define the quality and quantity of a thing unless we compare it with a different quality and quantity of itself. But all is worth experiencing.

What can be considered good or evil in the universe is whether it satisfies the needs of all or not. We are all one body with many cells. If one cell takes too much resources for itself and influences those around it to do the same, soon there will be an imbalance which causes the entire body to perish along with it. If one cell sacrifices its own needs for others and causes those around it to do the same, the same imbalance will result and the entire body will perish along with it as well.

Therefore caring for oneself and caring for others is ultimately the same. We are all one being. Our true self is not our individual selves but it is the self of all. We and others are the same. If we truly want to take care of others, we must take care of ourselves as well. If we truly want to take care of our selves, we must take care of others as well. The evil we do to others is the evil we do to ourselves and the good we do to ourselves is the good we do to others. Therefore our best is the greatest good of all.

Good and evil does not exist except in perception, but there is one whose perception is higher than the rest of us. He is The Lord Yahweh. The perception of The Lord defines what is good and evil according to his Holy Law. You can honor his perception or reject it. Satan has rejected The Lord’s perception of good and evil and wants all other beings to do the same. Each of us is God incarnate, and The Lord as the highest expression of God is a judge. God does judge himself and us because he is holy.

To sin is to miss the mark. Sinning is simply choosing to think and act in ways that are in misalignment with the thoughts of The Lord who is the Most High God. All sin is sin whether physical or mental. The bible says that all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God’s standards. It is The Lord who defines the standards of God. It is his Holy Law by which all creation is judged according to their intents and deeds. His Law is good, just and holy. All his commandments are truth and righteousness.

The Ego, the individuated part of our spirit has sinned against the Divine Ego which is the personal aspect of God, The Lord, and deserves to be punished because God as a person is holy and cannot stand sin in His presence. Although we can never be separated from the universal aspect of God, the essence of All, we can be separated relationally with the personal aspect of God by sin. The wages of sin which is “death” means relational separation from the personal aspect of God who is The Lord.

The Ego, the individuated part of our spirit will go to hell which is a place of eternal suffering and relational separation from God after death because of sin. Only the Blood of the Lamb cleanses us from ALL SIN and reconciles our individuated spirit with the spirit of God personally. Jesus Christ was separated relationally with The Father when he carried all our sins on the cross. He who knew no sin, did no sin, and in him was no sin became our sin so that we can become the righteousness of God in him.

God is both a spirit and a personality. God as spirit does not judge because unconditional love accepts all things without judgment. But God as a person is holy and judges according to his perception of good and evil. God is both a loving God and a holy God. He demonstrated his love by sending his Son to die on the cross for our sins and he demonstrated his holiness by putting all our judgment upon the body of his son so that we will never again be judged for our sins if we believe in the work he did.

From another level of consciousness, good and evil or right and wrong does exist inherently and intrinsically in nature and is not relative to human perspective. Good is that which contributes to the greater whole, results in greater harmony, adds to the increase of life, creates more order, symmetry and balance. Evil is that which causes a diminishing of the greater whole, causes chaos, imbalance and a lack of life. Good also results in more beauty while evil diminishes beauty. The standards of beauty are also found in nature in terms of proportion, symmetry, harmony, clarity, purity and pleasing to the eye. Evil and ugliness are tied as evil does things that obscures and distorts things in ways that does not bring out the beauty of the whole but makes it worse than before. Evil results in less freedom of joyful expression while good results in more freedom of joyful expression. The standards of good and beauty and tied together and can be perceived accurately with a higher order of consciousness, and not simply subjected to the relative whims of human subjective consciousness.

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