Gratitude Perpetuates Flow of Positive Things

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Gratitude Perpetuates Flow of Positive Things

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Intention is what you use when you want to manifest a certain result. When you have seen the result manifest, gratitude is what you use to perpetuate it. It is the natural way to continue the flow. It takes energy to set an intention. When you seek to create change, you are moving against inertia. But once you have experienced the change, you can now ride on the momentum. Gratitude is how you add energy to existing energy in your world. Gratitude is the easy and enjoyable way to keep the attraction flow.

Allow yourself to feel the immense joy when you see the result manifest. Feel jubilant and exuberant. Jump up and down with joy. Let your positive emotions rise to the maximum. This is how you express and feel gratitude or happiness freely and without limits. When you do this, you are allowing your positive vibes to resonate outwards as powerfully as possible. In that moment, your attraction power is at a very high state. From that space of joy, you can continue intending for positive results once again.

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