Being Authentic Speeds Up Your Progress Rapidly

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Being Authentic Speeds Up Your Progress Rapidly

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Honesty is being clear and truthful to yourself and others about what you feel. Honesty prevents blockages from happening, because you are not hiding parts of yourself in shame. Honesty frees you to progress on your path and experience fully what you are and the choices you make. Honesty resolves all business right there and then. It is said and done, not hidden and carried around repressed for years upon years. The truth really does set you free. Being honest is the fastest way to resolve your problems.

Those who encounter recurring problems over and over again in their lives are not being honest with themselves and those areas. They are denying and hiding. They’re not facing and engaging things as they are. As long as the truth about a matter is being suppressed, it will seek to rise to the surface continually. The sooner you choose to handle something properly and fully, the sooner the issue gets cleared. You can tell when a person is not being honest as the problem seems to keep happening for them.

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