Choosing The Lord as an Angel is Truest Servitude

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Choosing The Lord as an Angel is Truest Servitude

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Angels are higher dimensional beings with powers and intelligence that are above humans on the earth plane. We who are humans existing in the physical world look to God as the supreme being whose intelligence and power are immensely greater than ours. We acknowledge his superiority and that is why we serve and worship him. But angels being closer in intelligence and power to God see and understand reality different from us. When we possess the awareness of angels, we will know God far better.
Where we truly originate from is not the earth plane but the angelic plane. We were originally undifferentiated consciousness with God in the spirit realm. We only gained individuality and autonomy of freewill when we incarnated on the earth plane. We came from God’s being and are here for a purpose, which is to make the ultimate choice of which side we choose to serve. There are two sides that exist in the universe due to a split of perception within the Elohim. We’re all here to serve one side or the other.
One side consist of beings that serve the Lord and the other side consist of beings that serve Lucifer. Both sides exist on all dimensions of reality. Those that exist in the physical dimension are humans and those that exist in the higher dimensions are angels. Humans on the side of The Lord are those who chose him as their master and savior. We as man had fallen from the beginning, and that is why we need the sacrifice of God’s own Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins and to reconcile us to him.
All of us humans with the exception of Adam and Eve, began with a fallen nature and need the Lord to rescue us. That is why we love and serve him because we are very dependent on him. But what if we were perfect beings, and were not lacking in awareness? We would have no need for The Lord to rescue us, and we would have no temptation to sin in the first place. Therefore choosing to serve The Lord from such a position would be the truest servitude of all. It’s a choice made from the highest place.
Before we humans were created, angels already existed in heaven with The Lord. There was no sin and everyone had great knowledge of the universe and the divine. We being one with the consciousness of Elohim coexisted with the angels. There was one among us angels who had the greatest awareness and perfection. His name was Lucifer. He was closest to the Most High in power and intelligence. Lucifer had greatest autonomy of freewill. He possessed the greatest power of choice among all of us.
If you were a being who had close to omnipotent power and omniscient knowingness, would you still choose to serve another being? That would be the greatest act of servitude you would make if you decided to. All beings in heaven were personal aspects of God. The difference between The Lord and Lucifer was that The Lord was the highest of the personal aspect of God. But Lucifer decided to challenge The Lord’s sovereignty because he wanted to make the highest position open to every other being.
Lucifer was our leader. When he made the declaration to the rest of us angels about the new truth he discovered about God, we had to make the ultimate choice of whether to join him or to remain faithful to The Lord. We being hyper dimensional beings possessed the ability to see into all possible futures and alternate timelines. Therefore the choice we make comes with complete forethought and is an eternal one. We do not make choices like humans, but we make choices at the level of divinity.
Those of us who remained faithful to The Lord were very upset with the split that had to occur. It was the saddest day in heaven when the best of our kind had fallen and took one third of us along. The misery, suffering and pain that we angels experience when we fight among ourselves is greater than anything else. There were not two teams in the beginning but one team of light. The conflict of the universe is an internal conflict. It is a family feud. Neither side truly wants to fight the other but we have to.
We angels were originally created to worship God. That was our main purpose. Some of our kind turned away from their original calling. They do everything else except it. They may teach love and light to all beings, use their powers to heal humanity, contemplate the wonders of the universe, bring enlightenment to others, but they will never worship The Lord as God Almighty. That is because worship to them is acknowledging a God outside of themselves. It’s an irony we no longer do what we were created for.
The Greek word for worship means to kiss the Lord. Worship is the most direct way of connecting to the personal aspect of God. It is even above prayer because it expresses the heart itself. There is no greater frequency of connecting to The Lord than through the act of worship itself. It is how you align with the thoughts of the Most High God and access his way of understanding. The worship of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. It is the perfect gnosis of the trinity that is far above all other princes.
Making the choice as an archangel or the highest angel to serve another one of your kind is the greatest humility. The Lord is just like us as far as being a personal aspect of God is concerned. To honor him is to honor the divine concept of the Elohim that original consciousness has expressed. You can make the truest choice to serve The Lord by moving your consciousness back to the beginning. It is choosing God as Satan. It is to put yourself in the place of omnipotence and choose to be Unfallen Lucifer.

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