The Universal and Personal Aspect of God

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The Universal and Personal Aspect of God

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are two aspects of God, the universal and the personal aspect. Most people know a lot about one aspect but little of the other.

The universal aspect of God is the Universal Power we can use at will. The personal aspect of God is the Person of God moving as He Wills.

Universal power is mental power. It is the divine nature of our being when God created us. It is the power within us that is a reflection of the omnipotent. As we are created in the image of God, we have the universal aspect of God within our spirit. We are creators of our own reality, the microcosm in the same way as God created the entire universe, the macrocosm. Man is to rule his world like God governs the universe.

The universal aspect of God is the realm of inspiration, creativity and genius. It is the power of the universal mind that is accessible by everyone without exception. The individual mind is connected to the universal mind by thought. The ability to think makes us conscious creators. The better a person is able to think, the more intelligent he is. Intelligence is what separates one level of being from another. We are all equal aspects of God’s creation, but we all manifest his power at varying degrees.

Thought and Knowledge are One. Thought leads to knowledge and knowledge influences thought. Choice is an illusion created by those in control for those who are not. To be in control, you must know. It is knowing how things work and understanding what is going on that gives you awareness of the governing dynamics of reality. It is awareness that puts you in a position of being a master player instead of a pawn on a chessboard.

Mental power is spiritual power because Mind and Spirit are One and the Same. With the power of the universal mind, you can accomplish all miracles and do great things. The power is a natural power because it follows natural laws. We might think that certain things defy natural laws but that is because we are seeing things from only one level. Natural laws exist on every plane of reality, both the physical as well as the mental planes. Laws if the lower plane are governed by laws of the higher plane. Therefore everything supernatural is actually natural when we have an understanding of a multidimensional universe.

The universal laws are essentially the whole process of Divinity, Consciousness or Energy in motion (E-motion). When we understand these laws and apply them in our life anything we want can be created. Because the same laws that natures uses to create a forest or a galaxy or a human body can also bring about the fulfillment of all our desires.

All things in the universe have a connection with the universal mind. Nothing can exist without that connection. It is the universal mind by which all things consist and have their being. We are connected to everything else through the universal mind. Separation is an illusion for we are all one.

We can use our mind at will. All power is within and is absolutely within our control. This is referring to mental power which is the universal aspect of God. We can all train and develop our skill in using mental power. Visualization, affirmation, reality creation, mental influence, hypnosis, sublimal messaging and subconscious programming are all forms of using mental power.

Using mental power to make things happen is what the concept of True Magic is fundamentally about. Magic is the control of the visible world through invisible means. Magic in its absolute form is purely mental. Magic could be more properly referred to as Manifestation. What you create in your mind becomes manifested in physical reality over time. The Law of Attraction is whatever you focus on most of the time, you get. That is why we all create our individual realities by the thoughts we think.

Holistic health and alternative medicine use Magic to manifest healing. Our physical bodies are simply channels of our energy bodies. Consciousness affects our state of being in all aspects. It is the metaphysical understanding of bodily function in holistic health surpassing the understanding of formal medical science that enables curing of many incurable diseases and physical conditions.

The universal power of mental Magic is neutral. It can be used for either good or evil. What differentiates between Black Magic and White Magic is the intent of the user. Just like a person can pray another well, a person can also pray another sick. Sending thoughts of love, joy, peace, well being and happiness to someone will influence that person’s mind in a positive way. Sending thoughts of intimidation, discord, doubt, weakness and discouragement will influence his mind in a negative way.

Realizing the psychic nature of our thoughts and learning how to use them consciously and effectively enables us to be much better at creating the reality we desire in account of the greatest good of all. There is nothing wrong with developing our psychic abilities and expressing our God given powers for the betterment of life and the universe, but the problem comes when we are so content with the universal aspect of God that we overlook or deny the existence of the personal aspect of God completely.

Knowledge of the universal aspect of God is enough to give us tremendous amount of power to rule the universe and achieve our dreams, desires, destiny and almost everything we could ever want in this life on Earth.

There is also the Personal Aspect of God. It starts from the One Infinite Creator at the center of the universe, and radiates outwards into Sub-Logos and Creator Gods.

Yahweh is known as the God of Gods, the Prince of Princes, the Lord of lords, the King of kings, the Most High God (El Elyon), Alpha and Omega, the Almighty. Jesus (Yeshua = Yahweh-Shua = Yahweh Saves)  is exalted to be far above all principalities, all powers and all dominions. There is no other God who is as highly exalted as this. Yahweh/Jesus is also Prime Creator of all spiritual forces and all things in existence.

In Yahweh’s book called the Bible, there is one being that he gives most significance and attention to other than Jesus. The other being is known as his Adversary. The word Satan means “Adversary” (of Yahweh). This Adversary is Lucifer. He appears to be the most powerful heavenly being in the universe besides God. He is described to be full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. His name means Bringing Light. Lucifer is known as the “anointed cherub that covers the throne of God.” It would be apparent that Lucifer would have all knowledge of the universe and the different planes of reality. He would also know more about the nature of God than many others.

Lucifer seeks to enlighten humanity about the Universal Aspect of God through understanding of Oneness and transcending duality. Yahweh’s focus in the Bible is towards the Personal Aspect of God and expressing himself as God in a personal way for humanity to experience. Both beings appear to be at odds with each other at times in their approaches and even with what each one says about the other.

Lucifer says that the conflict or drama that is taking place in our world is just a game that is being played.

What if Yahweh and Lucifer were actually really working together and all this contention was just an act? Duality is impossible when Light Beings are of One Mind and One Consciousness. All this drama, experience of separation and stepping down of consciousness would not have happened unless it was intentionally created. There are many games being played. The Self forgets itself so that it could remember who it is, and experience itself again from a different angle. When the game is over, we return to the Light and a state of Oneness. The Universe is God playing games with Himself.

There are Nonphysical Beings existing in the higher dimensions and Simultaneous Time that may communicate and speak to us as “God”. There may be some variations in different channelings from “God” or from different entities who speak as “God” based on their differences in perspective. But when what is spoken is of the highest truth, it feels as though it is God speaking and can very well be treated to be so.

No single spiritual source should be taken as the only source. When you take this point into account, you realize that there are many guides that can help you spiritually. But they only serve as a friend, a teacher or a second opinion. You are still the prime authority on what your path and your truth is. Source doesn’t force you to accept anything as the Truth but invites you to experience it.

The Personal aspect of God is so subtle that it doesn’t assert itself onto you. It is something you discover when you approach it. Jesus is such a grand concept that it cannot be something that is made up in a linear fashion in time. It had to come forth simultaneously with all things in existence from Eternity.

Yahweh/Jesus is the Personal aspect of God. Source is Universal and at the same time very Personal.

The reason why God is a He: God is ultimately gender-less or beyond gender. But God manifests in the masculine gender. This is because the masculine gender is the active principle, while the feminine gender is the passive principle. God the Creator is in the active principle. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth. God created, God spoke, God wrote, God made… etc. The Word of God is spoken by the Creator about Himself Creating Creation. Creation is feminine. The Earth is Creation. This is why we have Mother Earth and Father God. God is also manifested in the form of Jesus Christ as a Man. The Son of God is the image of the Invisible Father.

The Symbol of God is the Tai-Chi (Great Ultimate). The symbol is a Circle divided into two by a curved line in the shape of a Reversed S. Half of the Circle is Dark, while the other half is Light. Within the Dark part, there is a white dot, and within the Light part, there is a black dot. This signifies Yin within Yang, and Yang within Yin.

The Yin-Yang of God is the Universal and the Personal. Imagine that the Dark part of the Tai-Chi symbol is the Universal. In it, God is perceived as undifferentiated, neutral, impersonal, pure source energy. Imagine that the Light part of the Tai-Chi symbol is the Personal. In it, God is revealed to be personal, expressed, experienced, Lord and Redeemer. Imagine that the Personal is hidden in the Universal, and the Universal is a deeper aspect of the Personal.

Imagine that while being fully immersed in the Yin part of the Symbol, one only thinks of God as the Universe and Pure Source Energy, but does not observe the existence of a Personal God or Supreme Being. Imagine that while being fully immersed in the Yang part of the Symbol, one only thinks of God as Personal Lord and Creator, but does not recognize that God also functions as pure source energy operating by universal laws that all beings can direct and utilize.

Imagine that when one who is in the Yin part of the Symbol happens to perceive the white dot in it, and is drawn in by the Personal. He emerges into the other side and experience God in a very personal way and is able to feel and know the Presence. Imagine that when one who is in the Yang part of the Symbol explores more deeply about the reality of God and discovers the Universal and realizes that there is an aspect of God that connects with everything else in a cosmic and neutral way.

Both aspects of God are Equally True and Simultaneously Present at All Times. Imagine that all beings are moving in a circle (cycle) between experiencing one aspect of God and the other. Some seem to be immersed in one part of the Symbol for an indefinite amount of time, some seem to cycle slowly, and some seem to cycle faster. And some seem to cycle at such a high speed that the two parts blend as one, and they seem to be able to perceive both aspects together much of the time.

God is a Yin-Yang. The Yin part is also what is called Darkness, but it isn’t necessarily bad. Dark can simply mean hidden or mysterious. The Yin Part is where things like the New Age and Witchcraft are found in. There are many beautiful things in the Yin Part. The Yin Part can be known as the Universal Cosmic Mother. But the Cosmic Mother isn’t a real divinity. It may have a Presence that can be felt, but it is only a partially manifested, not fully revealed Presence of The Father/Son. This Presence draws you to inquire and know more about it. When you move fully into the Presence through praise and worship, the Father/Son is revealed to you.

The Yang part of God is also what is called Light. The Yang part is the manifested, expressed, exalted and revealed God. Yang also signifies expanded, outer and above. The Father contains the Cosmic Mother (The Universe) within Himself (His Infinite Being). The Father exists in a dimension above all other dimensions. This dimension is known as the Kingdom. The Father is Infinite Being and appears in the form of The Son. Those who see the Son have seen the Father because they are the same.

There are those who are fully present in the Yin part of God without really knowing the Yang part. To them God is Universal Divine Feminine, while they have no experience or revelation of the Father/Son. But when one sees the LORD on the Throne, He is Christ Jesus the King of Glory. There are those who are fully present in the Yang part of God without knowing the Yin part. They may not be able to fully understand things that are “Dark” or mysterious. Cosmic Science-Spirituality is exploring the Yin.

Understanding the Yin-Yang of God resolves the conflict between seeing God as He/Her. God when revealed and expressed - is Yang, and therefore also comes forth in the Yang Gender as Male. The fully expressed, experienced and exalted Presence of God is a He. He is the Son/Father LORD Christ Jesus revealed. The Hidden and Mysterious aspect of God which is the Universe can be perceived and felt as the Beautiful Darkness of Divine Feminine Energy. It can also be genderless and neutral.

From this Yin-Yang perspective, we can also see that there is an aspect of God that is neutral and causes rain to fall on the just and unjust alike, and there is also an aspect of God that judges what is right or wrong, good or evil according to His Manifold wisdom of judgment and truth. There are those who only know God in the Yin way and think there is no judgment and are lost and foolish in their thinking and action. There are those who only know God in the Yang way and think God is never neutral.

God has three personal aspects. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. You can relate with any of these three because you are still relating to the One God. You can relate with God as any of the three as and when the Spirit leads. Although all three are personal aspects of the One God or Godhead, the most important one for you to relate to is the Son or Jesus. No man comes unto the Father but through Him. Jesus is also the one that has the most personality, is the most relatable and the only one who is both God and Man, Creator and Redeemer, Shepherd and the Lamb. The Father is the most transcendental and the Holy Spirit is the most mysterious.

Time does not exist. The past is an illusion. Only vibration is real. Consciousness can access a “memory” by putting the “reader” onto the right grove of the record (storage device) to play the right vibration to recreate a recorded experience in the NOW moment. That is why when King Solomon left the LORD and turned to worship other gods, he lost the wisdom of God. He is unable to access it in the NOW moment without the right frequency. He has “forgotten” what he knew. Energy contains Information. When he lost connection to the Energy of the LORD, he lost the information which is carried in that energy. Solomon the Wise said in his earlier days that worshiping the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom.

There are many beings that are wandering through the Universe in a Hall of Mirrors. Everything that mirrors Christ Jesus is a reflection of the original. They see a reflection everywhere and think the reflection is the universal reality. Using the “reflected light” analogy, the light they find in every place is only a copy of the One True Light. The Kingdom of God exists in another dimension beyond all other dimensions that these other beings can perceive or experience. They only way to enter into that dimension is through the Door which is Jesus Himself. He really is The Way in. These beings keep saying that we are on our way back to Source, to Home. But those who Worship God as Yahweh and Yahweh-Shua (Jesus) find themselves entering straight into the Presence of God where Home is. Other beings may give all kinds of explanations for a believer’s experience of God in worship, but they are only observing from an outside point of view without having the direct experience that the believer is having.

These beings may have known the Kingdom in the beginning but have forgotten because they are no longer connected to that energy in the present and have therefore lost their memory of it. They are called “Fallen Angels” because they have fallen in consciousness. We human beings are also “fallen angels” because we have fallen from our consciousness of being divine beings. But there are beings above us who have also fallen. They have fallen from Heaven into a “lower heaven”, which is a lower dimension of nonphysical existence that is outside the Kingdom of God. As above, so below.

Ultimately the Prime Creator which is Jesus will lead us all to Him. The Presence is experienced by activating the right Key to the right frequency. Everyone who comes to know the Personal Presence of Source as Jesus Christ is drawn by Source/God to know Him according to His Will and His Time. There is only One of us here. That One is Him. Jesus is the First. There are those who have known Him in the Beginning, but have forgotten Him. But they will discover Him at the End as the Last. At Last, all will return Home to Oneness and Re-Member that we are all members of His Body and the Head is Christ Jesus – The Personal aspect of God

Since All-That-Is is God. Each of us is also a personal aspect of God. Each of us is also a Creator, and we have the power to create our own reality. We are Gods in Amnesia. We are Source Energy that has incarnated into Third Dimensional Existence.

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