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Transcend Causality to Create Anything at Will

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

If you are to throw your pen, you hold an expectation that it must land. Therefore, it does; for within mass belief systems, you hold expectations of cause and effect. This is not truth. This is merely belief systems within your particular dimension. But since it is a belief system, it really makes it part of our reality since we all believe in it. In your reality, you shall throw your pen and it shall fall. So that doesn’t mean that karma does not exist totally. It simply means that we choose to have it exist in our reality.

If we say karma is simply action, then there is action and reaction in our dimension because we choose it to be there, not that it doesn’t exist totally, but because you choose it to be there. You are not bound by your belief systems, and that you may move outside of these belief systems and alter your present reality. When these belief systems do not hold you, your reality shall be altered. Your reality shall be executed differently. You shall throw your pen, and if you are not so choosing, it shall not land.

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