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Command Your Subconscious Mind to Solve Problems

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Sometimes after you have studied a problem from all angles, it seems even worse or more jumbled than before. When you leave it for awhile by temporary forgetfulness, and then when you get back to it, you find your thoughts clarified, the line of reasoning worked out and your problem solved for you. Everyone experiences this from time to time but it is often produced in an unconscious manner without purpose and intent. You have more power when you learn to use your subconscious in a conscious way.

Get an idea of what you really want to know by forming a clear mental image of the question you wish answered. Give it a high degree of conscious attention by playing around with it in your mind and pondering upon the matter. Then pass it to your subconscious mind with the mental command “Attend to this for me, work out the answer!” or some similar order. This command may be issued mentally or verbally. Command your subconscious like people who work for you. Command kindly but with firmness.

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