You Must Never Use Your Word Against Yourself

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You Must Never Use Your Word Against Yourself

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the pathways of conscious evolution is the mastery of intent. When you are working on mastery of intent, you are seeking to become impeccable. Every word that you use is an intent that you send forth. Being impeccable means not using your word against yourself. You can use your word for evil or for good, but the most important thing is not to use it against yourself. If you remember this key, everything else will follow from there. Mental unity is the first step to gaining and exerting your power here.

You may use your word constructively or destructively. You may use your word in a positive or negative manner towards other things or people in your environment. There are times when you cannot help but hurt others or speak in a negative way about other things. Do not worry so much about not wanting to offend others or not to be too critical about the things you observe around you. The only thing that should be your main concern is to not speak negatively about yourself. Always use your word for you.

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