Energy Magic and Mana Regeneration for Wellbeing

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Energy Magic and Mana Regeneration for Wellbeing

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Think in terms of mana and mana regeneration. Mana is mental energy which is the essence of everything since the universe is mental. You are Mana. Mana regeneration is the first skill to have and to keep focus on since it powers all your magical actions, and every action is a magical action. With mana, you can be, do and have anything. The more energy you have, the better you may function. Energy is lost and gained on a personal level every day. There is a need to generate and regenerate your energy.

Mana is taken from the food and air by the inner self and is stored in the energy body. This is the force known as “the will.” The will uses mental energy or mana. By combining the Mana from food and air with additional Mana from unlimited cosmic sources, we can always have the power we need to accomplish whatever we truly and justly desire. Exercise or any form of physical exertion always starts the inner self manufacturing more Mana. Instead of exercising, you can assume the mental attitude of getting set to run a race. When you hold the picture in mind of getting ready to run, you breathe more rapidly and tense up the muscles a little. The inner self will begin to create the desired vital force. That’s why when you are in a ready to fight or compete situation, your energy gets roused up. But there are calmer ways of creating mana.

Where you eat is just as important as what you eat. Eating is an act where you are consuming energy. You are not only partaking physical food and drink into your body, but simultaneously, your energy body is also partaking energy from the environment into itself. The physical act of eating opens up the aura. It is important to eat in environment that is substantially clean physically and energetically and conducive for eating. Eating is a sacred activity and that is why it is usually done with certain activities and not with others. Who you eat with is also just as important. The food you eat, the place you eat in, and the people you eat near with all play in your eating experience. Eating under conditions that are uncomfortable diminishes the eating experience as it causes you to contract your aura or energy field. Opening up your aura in the wrong conditions and drawing in all kinds of negative energy will lead to negative consequences. Disease may result when one is in a perpetual and severe enough state of dis-ease. When you eat under the right conditions, your energy field can expand properly and regeneration is at its optimal.

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