Authentic Living - Choosing to Follow your Bliss

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Authentic Living - Choosing to Follow your Bliss

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The ancient Greeks believed that everyone is born with a lower and a higher destiny. The former is a human being’s fate, the inescapable components in life necessary for existence. For example, one’s birth, schooling, car, house. Higher destiny means not doing what one was expected to do by society, peers or religion but following the dictates of one’s own heart. Such a course often meant facing the resentment of others, condemnation as a social rebel, and even perhaps financial failure.

People who have chosen to take ”the hero’s journey” live according to their own values, which share little or nothing in common with popular values. They “follow their bliss,” or moira, a term the Greeks used to define this higher destiny. Following moira means doing what you feel on the inside, most inclined to do.

Doing what one really wants to do is hard work, but it is more fulfilling than anything else can be. It is the ultimate key to personal happiness in the physical world. To be so busy doing something you life, you do not have time to realize if you’re happy or not, is the definition of happiness.

Most people spend their lives in jobs they either hate of tolerate. They even convince themselves that they enjoy the work by emphasizing the positive details of their employment. They are fulfilling, perhaps out of pressing family necessity, their lower destiny. They may think if they did what they really want to do instead of the work they think society requires them to do, it would not be beneficial for civilization. Actually it is better for civilization that they do. If everyone “followed their bliss,” the world would emerge as an entirely different world whose inhabitants live authentic lives.

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