Respond to Others who Display Strong Intent

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Respond to Others who Display Strong Intent

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Intention is what creates everything in the universe. We are all co-creators of our shared reality, and therefore our combined intents matter. It takes two hands to clap, so each hand must play its part in the clapping action. This principle of co-intention operates between buyer and seller, husband and wife, teacher and student, employer and employer and all other human relationships. Those who understand and operate according to this principle will be most efficient and effective in their reality creation works.

Watch others strength of intent when they approach you about anything. They may ask for help, offer a suggestion, sell you something or propose an action. If they come to you with weak intent, you do not have to respond to what they say. It basically shows that they don’t believe in themselves or what they are asking. Therefore they are not in the proper position to receive what you give or do for them. Choose to respond only to those with strong intent, and you’ll be putting your energy to much better use.

Even if a person comes to you and ask you for money, but does so in a weak way, you can calmly decline to give any. That is because your giving may not necessarily help that person anyway. But when someone comes to you and ask for money, and does so without looking undeserving, apologetic or doubtful, you can willingly help that person. That is because you can be more assured that this person is only in temporary financial need, and will put your money to good use, while the former wouldn’t do it.

The best kind of help you can give should be from a place of holistic perspective. Always do things that will lead to the greatest good of all. Helping the unmotivated, lazy, self sabotaging and useless scum of society by giving them money would only put a drain on the world’s resources. The difference between being poor and being broke is that being poor is a mindset whereas being broke is a temporal situation. The poor need to have their consciousness changed, otherwise all the money they get is wasted.

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