Letting Extremes Guide You to Balance of Mind

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Letting Extremes Guide You to Balance of Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The majority of people are creatures of moods. It seldom occurs to them that it is possible to understand the psychology of moods, and by knowledge of this psychology, one may master emotional fluctuations and coordinate the self. Coordination is intellectual and requires systematic thinking. Those who’re victims of emotional fluctuations seldom possess the intellectual development required for such mastery. Intelligence is the primary thing to develop in order to master the self and the emotions that arise.

We tend to have a duality of self. Today we believe strongly about something because of conditions that support it. The next day we believe something else very different because we feel different. One day the world is totally within our power to influence, the next day we can’t seem to do anything at all. We are hopeful one moment and dejected the next. Inconsistency continues to be a characteristic of our thought, words and deeds. We must establish our power for always by resolving the duality of self.

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