Experience is Important for Imagination

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Experience is Important for Imagination

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The more clear and defined our mental images are, the more they are able to take form in the physical world. As above so below. Definite form in mental world is definite form in physical world. Vague form in mental world is vague form in physical world.
Try to imagine “a lot of money” in your mind. Does it look clear or fuzzy? Now try to imagine “a crisp $100 bill” in your mind. Is that image clear or fuzzy? That is why having clear, well defined and specific goals is so important. Don’t worry about not wanting to limit ability to achieve by setting outlines to your goal. The aim is to make it manifestable first. You can always keep increasing the limits and expand the boundaries of your goal as you move nearer to it. This is the real meaning of practicality.
The best intentions are clear and focused. Be specific. If you want money, specify the exact amount. General intentions have very little power. Make your intentions like lasers instead of candle flames, and you’ll see them manifest much more quickly.
So many self help books tell us to visualize what we want. But how can we visualize what we want unless we know how what we want is like? All those advices never have much effect for us because our visualizations are just so vague.
The famous movement educator, Moshe Feldenkrais, developed some exercises for his students that demonstrated the power of visualization. He showed that one can use visualization to obtain all the physical benefits of stretching without actually doing any stretching.

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