Allowing Things to Come Through Synchronicity

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Allowing Things to Come Through Synchronicity

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Sometimes when you go searching for something, you don’t seem to find it. When you choose something out the available options, you end up not being truly satisfied with it. But there are times when you are not looking for something, and yet you happen to come across it as you are going your own way and doing your own thing. It turns out to be totally suitable for you and you feel perfect about it. This is because the things specially meant for us come to us through synchronicity from the universe.
When you go looking for something to get just because you think you need it, you are saying that you don’t already have everything you need. The truth is that the universe is always providing for you whatever you need at the best time, not a moment before and not a moment after. You will only find what you need when you look for it at the right time. You will always miss it when you look for it at any other time. The right time to look for something is when you truly need it and are inspired to look for it.
Seek and you shall find, but that is only true when your seeking is guided by spirit. You need to take action to get what you want, but always take inspired action in order to be successful. You are inspired to look for something when you feel in your heart that it is the best thing to do at the present moment. If there is something else you feel more like doing at the moment, then it is not the time to go searching yet, but to do what you are inspired to do now. Doing the search after that will be a better time.

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