Deliberate Creation is Confidence and Harmony

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Deliberate Creation is Confidence and Harmony

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Fear is a lack of power to control our minds, or to control the kind of thought we think or put out. Therefore the first step to power is to be in control of our thoughts and our mind. Master your mind and you master all. Lack of mental control is when we fear to give up control. It is when the mind becomes attached instead of being able to go with the flow. When you’re walking and you accidentally drop what you are carrying, your mind is attached to the act of walking while you bend down to retrieve your stuff.

You are trying to continue walking and picking up your stuff at the same moment. You make the movements of your body momentarily disagreeable and irksome, because you refuse to put into the current act the mental force which it demands. When you unconsciously refuse to do this, any acts will become irksome and disagreeable since there is not enough force allowed to do the act with ease. The outward nature of your actions is but a reflection of the inner development of your consciousness and power.

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