Having a Strong Spirit is Secret Key to Success

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Having a Strong Spirit is Secret Key to Success

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the secret reasons for success is simply the possession of spirit. In horse racing, the greater spirit of a horse is recognized by other horses, and they are actually affected by it and become discouraged, thereby allowing themselves to be beaten. They may even be stronger physically and yet still diminish their use of strength in such a case. This spirit is a fundamental vital strength possessed by all living things in differing degrees. You may develop this spirit and strengthen it in yourself to be powerful.

Another name for spirit is will because they are both one. You can train yourself in the use of your will to get a hold of your mental throttle, so that you may pull it down and turn on a full head of steam when necessary. In other words, you may power up or power down whenever you need to. When you are able to access the powered up state, you will find that you are not any more tired when running under full pressure than when you are moving at a slow pace. This is the key to unlimited power in action.

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