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Get Rich By Growing and Expanding Consciousness

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You desire the things you want because of the lessons you must learn to get them. This is the secret to having everything. This is the essence of the power of acquiring wealth. Want it. Visualize it. Detach from it. Accept it. Open your heart and let the energy of the Universe flow through you. Become a hollow reed and feel the power of Creation flowing through you. You do not do the work, the Universe does. You ask, God delivers. To find and maintain success with this system you must control the ego.

It is a great system unless you start thinking you are responsible for your own success. There are times when you experience success and then you think you could do more. You think if you just pushed harder, you could do better. Then you worked longer hours, did more work, took more action, but didn’t make nearly as much success, in fact you steadily declined. What were you supposed to do? Nothing. You were supposed to do nothing. You have given God your desires and He was already delivering.

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