True Reality is Spirit and True Identity is Light

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True Reality is Spirit and True Identity is Light

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Every negative situation you experience in life is a test to see if you can be moved from who you think you really are. If your sense of self can be changed so easily according to every difficulty, disappointment and failure that you face, then your identity isn’t so true after all. True identity is unchanging and becomes even stronger with each opposing circumstance that seeks to destroy it, because it is tied to true reality.
Your true identity is light. The darkness cannot touch you because you are light. In the presence of darkness is where you are able to truly shine as light. Do not allow the darkness to cause you to forget your true identity as light, but to use it as a chance to reinforce who you really are. Rather than allowing the circumstances in the world to shift your sense of self, keep your eyes on true reality.
True reality is spirit. Spirit is perfect, complete and whole. Spirit does not need anything to define what it is. It already has everything it wants and is everything it wants to be. Spirit can do anything that it desires to do. When you see from the position of spirit, you are seeing from the position of truth. Truth never changes and it is always the same no matter what appears to be.
We cannot seek abundance because we are already abundance. We cannot seek health because we are already health. We cannot seek happiness because we are already happiness. You experience perfect health, abundant love, pure happiness and joy, infinite supply for you know that from wherever our abundance came from there is always an inexhaustible supply. You don’t do things to make you happy because you are already happiness. It is your natural state.
The more you encounter negative circumstances, the more you should realize that this world is an illusion. It is all a test to see if you will become ensnared by the illusion of it being the reflection of your true identity. Circumstances that reflect your true identity will always be in alignment with spirit. Only acknowledge circumstances that are in alignment with spirit as a reflection of true reality.

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