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Raise Group Consciousness to Benefit Yourself

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The collective consciousness is very influential on your own wealth and happiness. Your extent of wealth and happiness is co created by yourself and everyone else. You are more likely to experience desirable events and opportunities if the people around you are of suitable consciousness. Therefore it is always in your favor to raise the consciousness of people you interact with in order to create a better shared reality for yourself and those that are in your life.

Things get better when you get better. Things get worse when you get worse. The world is all within you. You are at cause over everything that happens in your life whether you are conscious of it or not. Everyone else is also at cause in their world which means groups of people are collectively at cause over their collective world. The prosperity of a nation, corporation and family is determined by the collective consciousness of the people. Wars and even natural disasters are influenced by it as well.

You will get fastest results if you work with and associate with people who have wealth consciousness. That means you should offer to help improve the wealth consciousness of people around you. Your network of people is your access to resources. Resources multiply when they are shared because you increase the value of the people you relate with. In order to really get ahead, you have to cause others around you to advance as well. When you cause others to rise, you will rise as well.

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