You Create All of Your Reality with Perception

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You Create All of Your Reality with Perception

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Your perception is how you view yourself, how you view your world, how you interact with your world, how you interact with yourself, with each other, and How You Create Your Reality. You create your reality through your perception. Your perception is all-encompassing, and that element of yourself that you do not identify as a thing. It is that element of yourself that creates your reality and places you in the awareness of reality within this physical dimension. It is your awareness, your objective awareness.

What you choose may be associated with your direction. Your choices are what you do, not necessarily what you think. You may think to yourself in one moment, “I am going to walk across this room and eat some food.” And what you may actually do is turn your attention to the person sitting beside you and engage in conversation. You are not DOING what you thought, but you are doing what you desire, in association with your direction. So what you choose and do is based on where you are directed at.

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From a metaphysical point of view which is the Principle of First Causes: Perception creates reality, and perception is what draws external information and experiences to ourselves. And our perception existed even before we were born. The soul intended certain circumstances for its birth, and once born, our physical consciousness continues creating, whether at a conscious or unconscious level. Everything is the result of internal perception primarily. External circumstances are secondary. But the feedback and response between inner and outer can result in a loop that may cause a spiraling out of control. It is like looking into a mirror and trying to copy what you see and therefore getting stuck.

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