Using Christian Magick as Power of God Almighty

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Using Christian Magick as Power of God Almighty

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Magick seems contrary to a Christian Worldview but it isn’t actually so. We have seen that the Bible doesn’t specifically forbid Witchcraft, but that the assertions that it does are based on mistranslations. However many Christians would not care since the entire worldview of Christianity especially as it is portrayed in the Bible, is contrary to a worldview that would include practicing magick. The truth is that magick is God’s power and it is only evil when we use God’s power for evil purposes.

The Bible seems to give clear prohibitions against “cloud watching”, “divination”, “whispering enchantments”, and being a “charmer”. We find many in the New Testament who converted to Christianity also felt a need to rid themselves of their magick books by burning them. They did this because they felt that they had come to know God in the greatest way and thought of throwing away what was considered lesser in comparison with the greater.

The reason why magick seems incompatible with a Christian worldview is that magick is about the individual seeking to control the world around them by gaining power and insight into it. The Christian is supposed to live a life that is solely one of reliance upon the mercies of God. But the idea of relying on God has been greatly distorted from its true meaning. To rely on God is to polarize your thoughts on the upper levels of reality as your source of power instead of the lower levels. God’s power is magical.

If we take a literal application of the prohibition against “cloud watchers”, then those who predict the future by observing the skies would cause us to say that the science of meteorology is contrary to the Bible. Very few Christians today would actually want to push the idea of it being wrong to gain power over the world to such an extreme that modern science and technology would be contrary to Christian faith. The truth is that magick is actually a form of higher science and technology that we can operate.

Our modern science actually descended from earlier forms of magick. Chemistry developed out of Alchemy, Astronomy developed out of Astrology, and Medical Science developed out of magickal healing arts. No one in their right mind would assert that Christianity and Chemistry are incompatible, yet Chemistry is a means of controlling the world by gaining power over it through insight. The Bible says that wisdom is the principle thing and wisdom is insight. God wants us to gain power by gaining wisdom.

Some think that it is alright to gain power over the world through natural means, but what is prohibited to Christians is any seeking to gain supernatural power other than simply relying on the mercies of God. But throughout the Bible many men of God used various forms of supernatural gifts and means to exercise power over the world. Jacob increased his flocks by mating them in front of reeds. Joseph divined through dream interpretation and a divining cup. Moses healed by lifting up the bronze serpent.

Moses brought victory by raising his arms. Joshua stopped the Jordan by touching it with a Holy item. Samson increased his strength by growing his hair long. The Priests divined by casting the Urim and Thurim. Elisha healed Naaman through a complex ritual of washing. Prophets divined by having harps played. Daniel interpreted dreams. The Eleven Apostles divined the 12th by casting lots. Peter healed by his shadow. Paul healed by handkerchiefs. James taught healing by using the anointing oil.

These men were approved with using supernatural gifts in the Bible because they understood them as gifts from God and used in service to God. This is the answer to the whole matter. What matters isn’t whether one uses magick or supernatural power, but whether one recognizes these as gifts from God and should be used in service to God. Even if one uses magickal means to activate supernatural gifts, it isn’t contrary to the Christian faith if one uses it as a Christian. All power is for the purpose of love.

God doesn’t wish for his children to be powerless as we live in this world. God has no desire for us to be victims who just accept whatever comes our way with no attempts to change it. Jesus shows us that in his own ministry as he was busy changing reality around him, often using ritual methods to do this, as when he healed a man who was blind by mixing spittle and dirt to make a balm he placed over the man’s eyes. Jesus calls us to change the world for the better by using God’s power freely and fully.

So the problem isn’t that magick is contrary to God’s will but it is when one uses it contrary to God’s will, which is what the Bible really prohibits. Spells are prayers with props. The use of ritual in Christianity is as old as the faith itself. Communion was practiced in the churches founded by the Apostles. We marry amid great ritual, bury with ritual, and celebrate the Sabbaths with ritual, mark the seasons of the Church with ritual. Magic is using the invisible world to cause change in the visible outer reality.

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