Creating what You Want with External Intention

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Creating what You Want with External Intention

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Wish for your arm to lift. The desire has been formed in your thoughts. You are aware of the fact that you want to lift your arm. Does your desire lift your arm? No, your desire on its own does not create any action. What then lifts the arm? It is your intention that moves your arm. Intention realizes itself by acting. If you want to fly in your dream and if you are pondering whether it is possible or not, you will get nowhere. In order to fly, you simply need to get yourself up in the air, through using your intention.

Power has to be released into the external for it to work. Christ said he perceived that power had gone out from him when somebody touched him to be healed. This proves that there is actual flow of energy from inside out that occurs when metaphysical work is being done. Therefore if you want to be successful with manifesting your desires, you must actually project energy into the external in ways that can be felt. This may be a mental universe but there’re specific mechanics that govern how things function.

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