Influence of Self Worth by Wealth and Friends

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Influence of Self Worth by Wealth and Friends

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There is a paradox about how self worth is influenced by the wealth and friends that a person has. Resolving this paradox is how a person is able to break past the limits that most people are trapped by. In life, growing beyond the boundaries of the ordinary way of living is what you need to move ahead when everyone else stay where they are. What keeps most people behind is mediocrity and the only way to be above it, is by playing with a different level of rules. The core of it all is the handling of self worth.

People want to be wealthy because it increases their sense of self worth. The desire to become wealthy is natural for us because wealth is the expression of our complete nature. The problem arises when we seek to gain wealth in order to have self worth. It is an intention based on fear instead of love. Wealth is meant to reflect who we really are as beings of infinite value. We should seek to manifest wealth as a form of self expression, and not as a form of self approval. This key difference influences everything.

When you are not yet wealthy, your sense of self worth is more open to influence by the people around you. You tend to be more approval seeking and more easily able to be influenced by the opinions of another. Becoming wealthy often requires you to defy consensus reality. There are many times when you need to go against what all the other people think. The very fact that your self worth is tied to those people is the reason why you are held back. You need people around you to make you feel reassured.

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