Making Money through Sharing of Spiritual Gifts

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Making Money through Sharing of Spiritual Gifts

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

One of the greatest fallacies in this world about spirituality is the negative idea towards making money from it. There are people who think that those who provide spiritual value or service to others should do so for free. They associate money as a thing of the world, and shouldn’t be mixed by the higher things. This kind of mentality is exactly what causes the topsy turvy state of the world and humanity’s progress. Even those who claim enlightenment from materialism are actually unenlightened about the truth.

If people weren’t allowed to receive money for spiritual healings and teachings then this would mean that they would need to get work doing something non-spiritual. This would mean that they spent a lot less time doing spiritual work and practice, which would mean that they may well know less about spiritual matters and would probably have less time to teach also. This would end up meaning that their overall spiritual contribution to the world could well be a whole lot less! How could this be a good thing?

It is an irony that those who provide the lowest form of value in this world get to make the most amount of money, while those who provide the highest form of value get to make the least amount of money. The steel magnate, the oil baron, the real estate tycoon reap the riches of society. But the mystic, the spiritual master, the teacher of enlightenment seems to forfeit attaining the wealth that they so deserve. In this plane, many things are bottom up. It is no wonder that humanity’s progress has been slow.

The most valuable thing should be given in exchange for the highest price. Enlightenment is the most valuable thing of all. But the problem is that most spiritual masters are not charging for what they’re worth. That is why they don’t gain the power and influence that material wealth can bring them. It is those dealing with the lowest value items in the universe such as natural resources that gain the greatest power and influence through attainment of huge material wealth. Enlightenment is offered for nothing.

Since spirituality is not commonly sold, most people do not go for it. People perceive that when something doesn’t cost much money, it doesn’t have much value. They would often spend their money on frivolous items that are sold for high prices and marketed intensely to them. All the while they’re not realizing that the greatest thing to buy is truth and wisdom. The best things in life are usually offered for little or for free. The trouble is people often walk by those very things in pursuit of other useless stuff.

Natural resources are the least valuable things on earth because they are provided by nature in abundance. Intelligence and spirituality are the most valuable things that humanity can have. The more intelligent and spiritual humans become, the more efficiently and effectively they can extract and utilize natural resources. When humans lack intelligence and spirituality, they waste resources or use them unwisely and therefore create conditions of scarcity. This makes it even harder to progress spirituality.

When humans suffer from lack in the lower hierarchy of needs, they tend to focus more on fulfilling those needs and neglect higher ones. The very irony is that it is the fulfilling of higher needs that take care of all other needs. The highest need of all is spiritual intelligence. It is the only true need there is. When you have wisdom, insight and awareness, you can create conditions of abundance, fulfillment and happiness. When you lack spiritual intelligence, you can never truly solve all your lower problems.

All it takes is a single shift in mindset to move from a position of powerlessness to a position of true power. The line that separates the elite from the suffering masses is very sharp. On one side, you are forever undergoing endless cycles of trying to break free from debt, making the life you desire and finding the happiness that never seems to come. On the other side, you attain instant fulfillment of your true purpose and attain everything you truly desire very quickly. Yet that shift is most difficult for so many.

Those who presume enlightenment from materialism by having a negative idea towards making money from spiritual work are still very much unenlightened actually. The more enlightened ones realize that money is only a tool in this world, and is meant to be used to the fullest in the work of spirituality. When they market spiritual products and services intensely and charge premium prices for them, they increase people’s perception of such things, and obtain great financial rewards from providing such value.

These wiser spiritual masters are then able to use their great spiritual and financial wealth to do even greater good in this world than all other spiritual masters and wealthy businessmen put together. Those who provide the best of their spiritual gifts and charge the best prices for them are the ones we should seek to learn and benefit from the most. It is because they have the higher consciousness to do what most people are not doing. They have the ultimate combination of higher and lower things in this world.

Those who make a living (charge money) from teaching spiritual knowledge can commit themselves to doing a better job out of it. Be thankful when it is offered for free. Be willing to pay when it isn’t. Wisdom is better than gold. Offer gold for wisdom and you will have more of both.

The most unlimited ones have the greatest power, freedom and wealth in this world. The more unlimited you want to be, the more unlimited your mind must become. The more unlimited you are in paying for spiritual things, the more of such things you can attain. The more unlimited you are in charging for your spiritual work, the more you will be able to give of those very same works. The ultimate enlightenment is to overcome all limitations that get in the way of being, doing and having all that we truly want.

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