Use Both Intention and Action to the Maximum

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Use Both Intention and Action to the Maximum

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Ultimate truth is often paradoxical. When it comes to using the law of attraction, both intention and action are required for manifestation of our desire. People have different ideas about what contributes to their success. Some say that it is intention alone that makes things happen. Others say that it is all about action that gets results. There seems to be a conflict between the two ideas all the time. It seems that one must be right and the other is wrong. But the ultimate truth is that they are both equally right.

Intend like it is all based on intention and take action as though it is all based on action. This is how you maximize the effectiveness of both areas. When you intend, do it completely as though your intent alone creates all the results. Concentrate your mind on what you want to achieve and do not be concerned about the limits of what you can physically act out. Think of the end result in mind and think big. Visualize, affirm and feel as though your desire is made reality by your mental and emotional creation.

Setting an intention is like having an orgasm. Concentrate and then let go. Concentration is the secret of power. It is the intensity of intention determines the strength of the thought form and the attracting power generated. Put yourself in the one pointed state of mind. Faith works in the absence of doubt. Think of nothing else but your intent in the moment. Let your mind be in an empty and clear state. That is when you are being single minded. You will send out a strong and clear signal to the universe.

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