Law of Circulation - Flow of Giving and Receiving

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Law of Circulation - Flow of Giving and Receiving

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The law of circulation states that all things in the universe are always flowing in circulation but at an ever expanding rate. What you give to one person, you will receive from a different source. So you don’t have to give with the expectation of receiving back from the same person you give to, but knowing that it will definitely come back to you multiplied from other sources. It works according to the law of cause and effect where the universe always mirrors back to you whatever you do.

It’s important to notice how you respond to compliments especially when they are sincere and valid. Do you downplay it, decline it or ignore it? Do you say something like “Oh it’s nothing.” The reason why you do not accept other people’s compliments about you is because you do not accept them about yourself. Learn to have complete self acceptance so that you can look others in the eye and say “Thank you.” The reason why it is important to accept compliments is that it allows the other person to give something to us.

Accept something good when it is offered to you. If someone offers you a gift, take the gift and just say, “Thank You.” If you are in a restaurant and someone wants to pay the bill, don’t argue. Just say, “Thank you” and allow them to give to you. Give up your beliefs about accepting gifts from others. Forget about feeling vulnerable or owing them something. Don’t decline it because you do not want to be affected by the law of reciprocity. When you refuse a gift from anyone, you are not only blocking the flow of abundance in your life, but you are also blocking the flow of abundance in the giver’s life.

If you wanted to give a gift, wouldn’t you want someone to receive your gift? Remember, there can’t be a giver without a receiver. Whenever you accept a gift, know that you are helping yourself and the giver to complete the cycle of giving and receiving.

Of course you can decline a gift when it is given for the wrong purpose or the wrong motive. When you know that someone is giving you something for the purpose of enticing you to do something that is not to your best benefit, you have every right to decline the gift. True giving is always out of love. Love is the purest motive force and giving is the expression of love. When someone gives to you out of love, you can accept it.

You can still choose to accept a gift when the person is giving for the wrong reasons though. Any harm caused will only be to themselves but you will benefit. You should treat every gift you receive as a gift that you are receiving from the universe. It is ultimately the universe that gives to you no matter what channels it may give through. Even the wealth of the wicked shall be handed over to the righteous.

Positive circulation is when things increase as a result. Negative circulation is when things diminish as a result. What you hold on to will keep slipping away until there is nothing left. You can never escape the law of circulation. If you try to stop the circulation of things, it will still circulate but in a negative manner. It will be circulated through unexpected expenses such as paying for repairs and replacements of things that are damaged, stolen or lost. Look at areas in your life where you are prevented from keeping your money or being forced to spend it.

You proclaim that everything you have belongs to God when you give away a portion of it. The portion represents the whole. God accepts the portion as the whole. The portion that you give to God is blessed and therefore the remaining of all that you have is also blessed. As we circulate our money freely, more money flows into our lives.

We are all stewards of the universe resources. If you do not circulate what you have for the work of the universe, what you have will be taken away and given to another who is doing so. Don’t worry about people who are selfish and do not give. If you keep giving and being in flow, even what others hoard from you will somehow be made by the universe to be given to you. So you can rest in the truth that you will always have whatever you want and no one can hold it from you. You never have to withhold from giving others what they want just because they withhold from giving what you want.

Of course you shouldn’t anyhow give but give wisely. You should give to where your giving would do the most good so that it would flourish. You should give to someone or some place that contributes to your personal growth or happiness. Give to where you receive spiritual nourishment from. Give to people who inspire you, help you and love you. Give to where you receive the most joy. Give to where it makes you most happy to give. You should give most of all to where you are personally involved in.

Positive circulation increases the value of things because it is beneficial to both giver and receiver. Negative circulation decrease the value of things because it is detrimental to one or both parties. Positive circulation occurs when what is received is combined and transformed into something better and given away again. Negative circulation occurs when what is received cannot or isn’t used but is released in a state that is worse than before. An example is the money making scams of life.

It is better to give in smaller amounts but more frequently than to give in large amounts but less frequently. It is consistency of giving and not magnitude that has the effect. When you give frequently, you are in constant flow and there is no stagnation. When you give only large amounts now and then, you will be in stagnation during periods where you are not giving. Think about constant circulation to keep the water in a tank fresh and clear, compared to changing it completely only now and then.

Whenever you give something to others, you should also allow them to give something back to you if they desire to. If they have allowed you the favor of expressing abundance towards them, you show also allow them the favor of expressing abundance towards you. It is perfectly alright to set up an exchange of value by having others pay for what you have to offer. It is also a way of allow circulation to take place that will lead to the increase of your own wealth and the wealth of the world.

Every proper action of love is an exchange. According to the law of exchange, there is sowing and there is reaping. God does not expect you to give without receiving in return. Giving without expectation of receiving is not biblical. You should always expect something from your giving. It could be as simple as expecting your gift to be of benefit to someone, or to be valued and appreciated, or to allow others to give something back that will increase your joy and happiness. When you give without honoring your worth, that is not giving, that is discarding. Loving others without loving self depletes you. All actions of love and giving should put you in a position of increased abundance, so that you have even more to give.

Love is an energy. Love cannot be anyhow given. Love is emotion and it is literally the Life Force of a person. Energy must not be wasted. Energy must be used wisely and as efficiently as possible. Energy must be used in circulation then can multiply and have more to give or use.

Love and money are interrelated. Money facilitates love in terms of dates, experiences, fun, entertainment, leisure, lifestyle and activities. Love inspires, motivates and supports the attainment of money and prosperity. Each form of energy supports the other and so how one uses one form of energy will affect how they use the other.

We can’t give that which we don’t have. It is a joyful thing to have so that we can share. When you help people by sacrificing yourself to be of service to others, you will feel resentful for it and end up paying a much higher price. That is because correct giving must be a circulation and not just an outflow. When you give, you need to receive something in return in order to enable yourself to continue to give more. Your can only give in proportion with your ability to receive. The best givers are the best receivers.

The key is to be abundant and happy with yourself. Then from that space you can reach out and help others. Otherwise instead of changing the world, we are just tilting the scale from one extreme to the other. Balance is found not when one is down and the other one is up, but when were are all at the same level where in our own personal way, we feel abundance, happy and fulfilled, that we are sharing our talents, resources, and gifts with one another.

Always give away whatever it is that you want. If you want love, give love. If you want money, give money. If you want knowledge, give knowledge. You will always have already been provided by the universe with a certain amount of what you want. You just want more of it. If you give out of the little that you have, much more will come back to you. If you want to have wealth, first show others how to have wealth. Whatever you want, if you cause another being to have it first, you will have it in abundance.

You are in vibrational resonance with abundance through your physical acts of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving are the two polarities of the same frequency spectrum of abundance. That is why people who have the most are the ones that give and receive the most. God gives us his all to receive back our all.

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