Creating and Controlling Reality in the Moment

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Creating and Controlling Reality in the Moment

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

We know that we create our reality with our thoughts and feelings. But sometimes we feel that we have been having negative thoughts and feelings for a period of time in the past, therefore the effects are inevitably going to manifest in the present soon. We start to think that we can’t stop them from happening since we have already been putting energy into their creation. But the truth is we have no idea how much control we have over our reality creation in every moment. There are no limits what we can do.

This power of freewill enables us to choose how things should go in the moment so that we can make a choice in the present at that point. To reality create in the moment, slip out of normal awareness and lock yourself into a dream like state. Visualize what you need in that moment and then return back to normal awareness and continue what you were doing. We should do our visualization in the alpha state instead of the beta state. It’s the daydream state. Dreams turn into reality when you focus on them.

The entire process should take no longer than five seconds, and the results are amazing. You normally visualize a lot in the alpha state when you are daydreaming but you are unaware of what you’re doing, therefore you are surprised and shocked when the actual event manifest in physical reality. When you reality create in the moment, you are using this daydream visualization deliberately. This simple and powerful act is all you need to turn an uneasy situation into a pleasant one whenever you need to.

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